We are Aska and the Wolf. A team of two.

Ella writes here. Designs. Collects pieces – new, vintage, worn, pre-loved, pre-felt. Pieces that are created. Or not made yet. Sustainable. Thoughtful.
Ella creates. Connects. Curates. And shares.

Dado supports. Plans. Overlooks. Criticizes. Pushes. Plays some music. And inspires.

Together we surround us with Love. Love that ties everything together. From what we eat to what we wear to where we travel to what we think. What we believe in. How we live. How we heal. How we breathe. Whom we meet. Who we work with. Love that makes us conscious.

Aska and the Wolf is about now. And our vision for tomorrow. It changes our past and influences our present. It’s about memories, stories and aesthetics. Memories woven through the fabrics of our clothes. Stories that we wear. That we are. Beauty that surrounds us. That simply is.

Aska and the Wolf is an old story we grew up with. Aska and the Wolf is a new story that we would love to write with you.

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Saturday like Sunday.

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