She is not your slave

Tomorrow, Saturday 19th of May 2018 is 6 months that I’m tumor/cancer free. It’s 6 months after they removed the tumor from my kidney and declared my body cancer free. They forgot to remove the fear. They forgot to remove the emotional garbage. The fear. They forgot to remove the trauma. And the fear. They…

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Trust. Trough Kundalini yoga I started to develop it, but very often I couldn’t find deep trust that the life will bring me where I wanted to be. I couldn’t believe that everything will be ok. That everything is ok as it is. This whole year was a lesson in trust. It started with the…

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The famous first post.

The decision to write again and to share on this page is an ad-hoc decision. I’m in Morocco now. Somewhere in a little village in the Atlas mountain. Before we left Marrakech this morning I decided to install Instagram on my iPhone again to be able to continue sharing my impressions of this amazing country with the…

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